The ISSI believes in the importance of recognizing emerging leaders in the field of solid state ionics, those individuals at the mid-career level, and seasoned scientists who have reached the level of world leader in the field. Toward this goal, the Society has developed an awards program which recognizes these individuals and their seminal works. The ISSI Young Scientist Award (YSA) was first awarded in 2005 to recognize the outstanding contributions made by young scientists to solid state ionics and encouraging them to continue their fine work well into the future. In 2016 two new awards were added to the awards program: the ISSI Mid-Career Researcher Award and the ISSI Senior Scientist Award.

Prof. Hiroyashu Iwahara, pre-eminent scientist on oxide protonics as well as President of the ISSI from 1999-2001, has been awarded the Senior Scientist Award in 2019. He was recognized at SSI-22 and presented a talk entitled “The Dawn of Solid Oxide Protonics.

Prof. Dane Morgan has been selected as the winner of the ISSI Mid-Career Researcher Award in 2019. Prof. Morgan presented an invited talk at SSI-22 entitled “Exploring Oxygen Kinetics in Perovksite and Ruddlesden-Popper Phases with Molecular Simulations."

We strongly encourage you to identify well deserving colleagues and initiate the award nomination process in their support.  Details describing award requirements and procedures are provided on the website of each of these awards.